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Rebuild Ramps Up In Coffey Park

Seven months after the wildfires, Coffey Park is starting to look like a construction zone. The increase in building activity can be measured in projects under way, even as the number of permit applications keeps increasing at City Hall.

Fire Survivors Turn To Modular to Accelerate Home Building

Ramirez strode across his cleared dirt lot to peer inside his nearly finished kitchen, with its white cabinets, quartz countertop and stainless steel refrigerator already in place. The room belongs to one of two 50-foot-long sections of his factory-built house.

PG&E Rebuilding in Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park

Pacific Gas and Electric brought out the heavy equipment Monday to begin replacing 15 miles of gas and electrical lines ruined in last fall's firestorm. The utility hasn't put a price on this specific work. It says only that the project is part of more than $200 million of work…

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